Introduction to U-SQL Part 3: Querying data where it lives and Advanced Scalable User Extensibility — Big Data Virtual Chapter Meeti

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Some of U-SQL’s more advanced capabilities are that it can query data where it lives and provides a scalable user extensibility framework. U-SQL not only provides the ability to query data in the Azure Data Lake Storage, but also other data sources including Windows Azure Blob Storage and SQL Server instances in Azure using federated, distributed queries. U-SQL also provides the ability to extend its capabilities with user-defined operators and aggregators that will be executed in the parallel framework so it can scale over any data sizes. This presentation will introduce you to these two advanced capabilities.

Speaker: Michael Rys
Michael has been doing data processing and query languages since the 1980s. Among other things he has been representing Microsoft on the XQuery and SQL design committees and has taken SQL Server beyond relational with XML, Geospatial and Semantic Search. Currently he is working on Big Data query languages such as SCOPE and U-SQL when he is not enjoying time with his family under water, on the ski slopes, or at autocross.


Paco Gonzalez — Big Data Virtual Chapter Leader

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