Cortana Analytics WorkShop

I attended the Cortana Analytics workshop at Microsoft offices in Redmond. I have been working with all these products during these years and I love it, I believe in its potential and I am sure our Customers will improve by using this.Untitled

Seeing Microsoft presenting about the Cortana Suite with passion it is fabulous.

Microsoft is by far #1 in Enterprise Big Data and Data Science, so we are in the right place J

Some of the Products in the Cortana Analytics Suites are:

Azure Machine Learning

Azure HDInsight

Azure Stream Analytics

Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Azure Data Lake

Event Hubs

Azure Data Catalog

Azure Data Factory

Check: and its webminar to start playing.

Follow @MSAdvAnalytics to stay tunned, Microsoft will be uploading the recordings of the session.

Some of the impressive session around Azure Machine Learning and Data Science were:

Cortana Analytics Perceptual APIs

Cortana Analytics for Marketing

Predictive Maintenance in the IoT Era

Deep Neural Networks

Milliman Integrate Powered by Cortana Analytics

Enjoy J

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