Big Data Mining from SSAS, AzureML to Mahout


Hello, I am the speaker of our next Big Data virtual chapter meeting:

Tue, Feb 10 2015

Language: English
Event Type: Online
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Join this session to learn about traditional data mining with the power of Mahout in Hadoop and Azure Machine Learning. Mahout is a machine learning library, supported in HDinsight. HDInsight is the Microsoft service that brings Apache Hadoop to the cloud, and Mahout is a powerful tool for processing models within HDFS and MapReduce. This session will cover how data mining is implemented in the context of big data and the cloud. This session will cover the full data mining cycle: ETL,building, testing, and training data models to visualization, testing, and real-time querying. You will see how to discover patterns and make predictions, classifications, and recommendations to get all the insights from your structured and non-structured big data.

Speaker: Paco Gonzalez

Paco Gonzalez, a SolidQ Mentor, is the PASS Big Data Virtual Chapter Leader, SQL Saturday Barcelona Organizer and assistant at the PASS Atlanta BI User Group. He is finishing his PhD thesis about: “Analyzing Social Data with Machine Learning.” He is an MCT and MCP on BizTalk Server and SQL Server. He is coauthor of Microsoft Training Kit 441. Paco is a frequent speaker at large and small conferences. SQL Saturdays, TechEds, PASS BA Chicago,  PASS BA San Jose, DevWeek London, and PAW Chicago and London. Paco relocated from London to Atlanta in late 2014.


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