Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 635 with AT&T

Better than expected


I have been a Windows Phone user since the beginning. Suffering and enjoying it. At the same time my wife have been enjoying Samsungs and iPhones…, so always had something to compare to.

Last year (2014) I had Nokia 925. It was perfect, fast really fast, but… battery did not even last a morning of my regular usage, awesome front and Back camera, but… the physical design made me drop it over and over. Not only me, when someone else was grabbing it for taking pics, they will go and say wow, this cell phone is easy to drop!!!!. I was mad that battery and physical design was killing it. After too many drops it died. I should have bought a case, so it would be easy to hold it, but the battery would have been still an issue.

When I moved to the US, I went to Walmart and got a prepaid T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 521 for $100. I was not expecting a lot, but it didn’t do the job. It was probably ok when released but after a couple updates things just toke ages to load. About T-Mobile, my wife Samsung S4 mini, which is not an LTE but it is a 4G did not make at home or around in terms of bandwidth. Not enough for Skype.

I went to Walmart and bought the prepaid Nokia Lumia 635, it was discounted so I got it for $69, WOW, after that, I went to AT&T and after 2 long hours I have my number migrated to AT&T .

Great, I got home, I was scared, I knew I paid $69 so was not expecting anything big. Here I start my review for the Nokia Lumia 635.

pro et contra


This is not a con, since I knew it before buying it. The camera is not really good, it is just 5MP, so it is what it is. It does not have a front camera, It is not been an issue for me before, but know that I have a 3 month old daughter I have to continuously do video Skype and without having a front camera you cannot see the other party.


It works really fast, apps open instantly. I woke up and grabbed it. It immediately connected to my BOSE Bluetooth speaker, I open OneDrive looking for my mother paella receipt, I was checking email, WhatsApp. Then I did skype for 45 minutes with my sister, wait I didn’t even touched it: “Hello Cortana Skype Call mom”, it just worked, really convenient when you have a baby on the other arm. I checked my LTE speed, it was 25 down 10 up, 20ms ping, so Microsoft and AT&T did the homework.

I got in to my car, again, Bluetooth worked immediately, arrived to the gym, made a couple skype calls using LTE to my friends in Spain, while in the elliptical, after that started TuneIn Radio to listen CNN for half an hour.

Got back home, twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook …

Great, it is now 9pm and my battery is 45 %, so it stays alive in a heavy day.

Holding it in my hand is by far the Best Windows Phone I got, it feels like the iPhone 4 or 5, so well built.

It is amazingly fast, something I love.

This phone is going to stay with me for a long time, it is definitely worth the price. Apart from the camera it can easily beat Samsung and iPhones, Windows Phone software is cool, it costs $69. I would spend a lot of money for a better front and back camera but the same phone. Please Microsoft do it.


I liked Cortana, I am not really into managing my agenda or texting using Cortana,

I am more about calling people, or opening apps. I love being able to say Skype Call Mom,

I would love to say Spotify play list David Guetta or

TuneIn Radio CNN,

Or, read twitter!!!


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