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My brand new blog

Why a blog?, writing will improve my English, so far I have blogged in different Spanish blogs, now it is time for English.

I have so much to write about, I will write about things that may be outdated but always wanted to write about it, and of course, all my crazy brand new uses of data mining.

I am in love with SEM, and the use of machine learning for optimizing conversions. You will see a lot about Bing Ads + Azure Machine Learning.

I plan to keep this informal but I am SolidQ Mentor so expect this to be too technical sometimes.

I will use this blog to upload content that I present in conferences, mostly around the Atlanta area, I am so glad I moved from south east Spain( where I had so little opportunities to speak ) to Atlanta, where there are lots of opportunities. I already spoke at Atlanta .Net codecamp!!!.

I hope you enjoy.


Paco Gonzalez – SolidQ



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